May 13, 2021

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This Interactive Fitness Tool Brings Trainers Into Your Home

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Scouting Report: The MIRROR fitness tool is unlike any other you’ll try. You can use pre-recorded workouts as well as attend live classes, all with the ability to monitor your form at home.

The first time you step in front of the MIRROR, you might be skeptical, maybe even self-conscious. How is this going to be all that different from doing a workout tape like people have been using since the first time neon spandex and leg warmers were cool? After all, isn’t what you’re doing just following along to a pre-recorded workout routine?

Well yes, inasmuch as you are indeed doing a pre-recorded workout routine. But said routine will be picked based on the time you want to spend (15 minutes all the way up to an hour), the type of workout you want to complete (arm and chest-focused strength, yoga, kickboxing, total body fitness, and so forth), your desired level of challenge (amateur through advanced, e.g.) and, as you get familiar with the trainers, you can choose your favorite instructors, too. It’s strange, because it is a pre-recorded experience, not a live one, but the motivation is close to what you feel when participating in a class at a gym. I know this, because right up until the pandemic shutdown, I did Orange Theory classes several times a week, and until I started using a MIRROR, no home workouts I tried came close to replicating the experience.

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