April 17, 2021

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The new cheap skincare trend that gives you RIDICULOUSLY soft skin overnight

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If you are a beauty enthusiast, you know how people go crazy when a new form of skincare or new products becomes popular. While we’ve seen it all, everything from using snail mucus in your routine to skin fasting which is basically depriving your skin of all products. Adding to the madness, we have a new K-beauty inspired trend that is taking over the internet. While we’ve spent most of the past year trying and rejecting new products, it’s now time to embrace the ‘slug life.’

For those who have dry and combination skin and it often feels under-hydrated and tired, this is when ‘slugging’ helps you tremendously. It requires you to religiously lather yourself in a heavy moisturiser like petroleum jelly before bed. Vaseline is a popular product that has been recommended by beauty enthusiasts all over the internet. This gives you an extremely moisturised, dewy finish to your skin that you can only dream of. Who doesn’t want that?

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Now, speaking from experience, it’s best that people with oily skin stay away from this trend. While it moisturises the skin, it might also end up clogging the pores due to the heaviness of the moisturiser. Even for people with dry and combination skin, make sure to use the slugging method only on days you feel your skin is getting extremely dry and irritated. When using Vaseline in a considerable amount, make sure to take a step back with the rest of your beauty routine. Petroleum jelly locks in moisture and creates a barrier layer over the skin. So make sure you skin the rest of your skincare products during your ‘slug day.’

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As a personal recommendation, you can indulge in a slug day after a tiresome week or a day where you’ve overdone your makeup and your skin needs that extra bit of hydration and moisturisation. It’s a cheap and effective technique to get baby soft skin, but it does not suit every skin type. So make sure to see the signs and listen to what your skin wants. If your skin feels irritated or develops a pimple, avoid this moisturisation method. 

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