April 17, 2021

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Kylie ‘KJ’ Jaye, TV host and fitness guru, dies aged 48

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TV presenter and health and fitness guru Kylie ‘KJ’ Jaye has died suddenly at the age of 48. 

Her passing comes just weeks ahead of her 49th birthday, with her brother, Isaac Humphries, sharing his heartbreak on Facebook.

TV presenter Kylie ‘KJ’ Jaye has died following a battle with a mystery illness just weeks before her 49th birthday. Photo: Getty

“Today I was told your light, the brightest of any I have had the pleasure to witness or be a part of has flickered out for the last time,” he wrote. “I remember you as my big sister, my defender, as a savvy and sassy business savant, Aunty to my kids, but mostly I remember you as my friend. 


“I wished I could have told you one last time how amazing you were, how much I loved you and how much you meant to me and my family. You will be missed so so much.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, Kylie had been battling with a rare medical condition that she was first diagnosed with two decades ago.

Kylie Jaye and brother Isaac Humphries

Kylie’s brother Isaac Humphries shared a tribute to his sister an “adored daughter, sister and aunty”. Photo: Facebook

“Kylie Jaye was an orb of energy, you could tell when she entered a room and the room would then just seem dull when she left it,” he told the publication.

“Her legacy is the love she left in your heart after meeting her, the kindness she would show and her infectious smile that scrunched her nose up when she giggled. She did things that she loved and wanted to help others do the things they loved too.”

Kylie Jaye smiles at the camera

Kylie’s parents also wrote, “Our world is so much sadder now you are no longer with us, you were amazing and inspiring, words cannot describe our feeling of loss and grief.” Photo: Facebook

He added that she was an “adored daughter, sister and aunty”.

Kylie’s parents also paid tribute to their daughter, taking to Facebook to write: “Our world is so much sadder now you are no longer with us, you were amazing and inspiring, words cannot describe our feeling of loss and grief.”

Her former partner chef Jason Roberts also shared a tribute on Instagram, writing: “We may not have made it to the altar KJ… we certainly had our fair share of ups and downs … but know this! I thought you were one of the smartest woman I had ever met, you absolute worked your a** off, you were a connector and a community builder, you were so beautiful and so joyful! I’m heartbroken that [you’re] gone.”

He added, “It is better to live for one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep.”

One friend also wrote, “Farewell, my Jaye Bird. I loved the time we spent together and the wonderful songs we wrote together. You will always be in my thoughts. I will miss you dearly.”

“I heard the news today that you were taken from us Kylie Jaye. I can’t think of anything more unfair,” another said. “You were such a bright light- a literal burst of energy- in every room. You had the biggest heart.”

They continued, “Really sad to hear of this loss. I can only imagine the impact to your family and close friends back home, who I send love to. Rest easy. You will be missed in the City of Angels.”

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