May 13, 2021

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Introducing the Newest Product in Alternative Medicine

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Acclaimed medical cannabis brand LePow Extracts, the in-house brand of Denver medical dispensary Kind Meds, is making the leap into the wholesale market. Known for providing high-potency concentrates, syrups and edibles to medical patients, LePow Extracts will now have products available for wholesale purchase to medical and recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado. For the first time, non-medical consumers will be able to experience the healing power of cannabis with LePow’s signature Rick Simpson Oil.

Tye Lam and Marcus Taylor, the leaders of the LePow Extracts family, spent eight years meticulously formulating LePow’s RSO along with their friend David Spector, a retired chemist and medical patient who was suffering from cancer. Starting with organic, indoor-grown cannabis, LePow uses food-grade ethanol to extract the cannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum oil known as Rick Simpson Oil. For most brands, the process stops there, but LePow goes the extra mile to triple-filter its RSO, ensuring that the final product is free from all waxes, fats, sediment, and plant material.

The fully decarboxylated RSO still produces more of a medicinal feel than a recreational high, making it perfect for anyone looking to reap the benefits of medical marijuana without the red tape of a medical card. Sold in a convenient syringe, as a smokeable product. (fully activated) Try the newly recreational RSO for yourself, and see why LePow Extracts claims it’s the highest-quality RSO in the state.

After setting the gold standard for medical marijuana, LePow Extracts is thrilled to finally be able to offer its passion project to a wider audience. With the understanding that not every consumer is eligible for a medical marijuana card in Colorado, LePow wanted to expand access to its coveted Rick Simpson Oil. Now, the very same product that has made waves in the medical marijuana community since 2018 is accessible for medical and recreational across Colorado.

Ask your favorite medical or recreational dispensary about carrying LePow Extracts’ Rick Simpson Oil today. Dispensaries can contact Marcus Taylor for wholesale inquiries.

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